Sunday, April 5, 2009

Making Money with Sabitabhabhi or Sabitabhabi Sexy Wallpapers

The term Sabitabhabhi is really amazing to make money online. There are many terms related to sabitabhabi which can help you to make money online. Few of them are listed below for your information :-

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What I like about this term for making money online is that there are so many variants for this terms than you can target quite a few of them for good number of traffic results. But one problem with this terms is that the traffic is there but there aren't any relevant ads for it to show up. So most probably if you are trying to monetise the traffic with adsense then you are either going to smart-priced or the ads shown will pay you only few cents. Now 1 way to increase the value will be using terms such as wallpapers or mobile ringtones which may show the ads related to that term but since we can't control the kind of ad being shown by google, it is at best a suboptimal method. Another way to effectively monetise the traffic so as to maximise the returns is to either opt for CPA offers or go for toolbar downloads/wallpaper downloads which embeds per download paying offers. There are quite a few of them around but I don't remember it now. Will put it up here once I remember it though. But anyway sabitabhabi term but be searched more by the people who pronounce savita as sabita. I am not sure in which region of India this is more popular but I suspect regions around bihar and maybe west-bengal.

Anyhow I am not sure if this blog will make any money or not with sabita bhabhi but I just want to see if I can get it to rank for the terms related to sabitabhabhi. Btw if you are wondering why this term then please search for savita bhabhi on google and your will understand why it is so highly searched term for Indian public. In fact the site isn't office safe and you should be careful if you intend to visit that site.